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World Population, 7 billion; More pressure on resources, more pressure on Africa.

Today, the number of people on earth is a little more than seven (7) billion and every news network is reporting that with smiles and joy as if this would bring something better to the world. We have few resources, corrupt leaders, greedy billionaires and when the population figures are incresing decade after decade in billions, we are happy. As an African, I understand what this means to the continent. There would be more pressure on our few resources. And when I say ‘pressure’, I mean international pressure on our mineral resources, cocoa, and other food stuffs. Mother Africa, as undeveloped as she is, cooks for the whole world to eat. Believe it or not. Africans still depend on aid from other continents because we lack the machinery and systems to transform raw products into finished products. People have those but lack the raw products.

Although China is more populous, India is growing fast in terms of population but very little is being done to cater for the growth. Analysts are predicting that by the year 2025, India’s population would overtake China’s and the world could hit another billion. There are no jobs, people are on the street in the name of ‘Occupy Wallstreet’, charging against their leaders & companies and all we do is pay attention to the 7 billionth baby.

It is a milestone, we are 7 billion now what. What is the way forward?


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