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Counting The Cost; Floods destroy properties in Accra but Insurance Companies have nothing to lose.

On Tuesday, I was surfing the internet late into the night and it was raining heavily, what seemed to be a rainstorm. To the best of my knowledge, everyone was asleep  probably dreaming of what the next day would be like. Little did we know that the rains were pouring and flooding the area. When I got out out the room, the compound was flooded with dirty, brown water and the water level was rising very fast. I knew this was unusual so I quickly called our neighbors.  Omega Street, my street eventually got flooded and the water level was at my waist.

As many things as we could get our hands on, we saved from soaking or damaging. A man who rescued many electronic devices from damaging tried to switch his fridge off and got electrocuted. Businesses in the Odorna market suffered a lot of damages since their goods were soaked with dirty water and houses in the same region got destroyed, (most were just wooden structures). So many inhabitants of Adabraka and Odorna were displaced by the floods. Cars were also affected. An estimate of  GHC 800,000 worth of properties were lost from this disaster. The monetary values obviously do not count when about nine deaths were recorded.

The residual effect of this disaster should be felt by the Insurance companies in the country. Insurers were supposed to be having headaches by now, but the story is different. Analysts have stated that, there were no insurance packages covering the deceased, the properties lost and the businesses in terms of flood or fire except for some vehicles, that were under statutory requirements to be insured. Owners of these properties have neglected insurance policies that would have reimbursed them for the damages and rather rely on NADMO ( National Disaster Management Organisation ) for mattresses and a bag of rice.

How long would this happen? Why do some Ghanaians dislike insurance? What are the insurance companies doing to educate the public about their policies? How many insurance companies do we have in the country?



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