Why AMA’s demolishing exercise is not helping.


It is very sad to walk around the city of Accra and see illegal structures all over spoiling the beauty of the City. People just build structures at any place they find in the name of business. The Business City of Accra had become so dirty and it’s becoming hard for inhabitants to cope. That is why I was so happy when the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) embarked on a massive demolishing exercise.

This so-called helpful demolishing exercise is becoming unhelpful and solving no problem. What is the essence demolishing structures and not collecting the broken structures. AMA recently destroyed people’s houses and shops at circle but it is hard to believe that, the broken houses/ shops, bricks, blocks and roofing sheets are still lying there unattended to. Is the aim to drive the people from their structures or to demolish those structures and create a beautiful city for us all. This is quite unfortunate.
Clearing the area of the demolishing at Kwame Nkrumah Circle can create another route for cyclists and pedestrians to join the Graphic Road and that can ease human traffic on the Ring Road.

Can’t the officials of AMA be serious a little. Why can’t they finish the work? It’s bad. If they can’t work, I would advise them to resign with immediate effect.

That’s it.

Demolishing Exercise

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