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My kind of business

This afternoon, I was just going through one of my old dairies which i named ” The Idea Bank” and saw somethings I wrote about starting up a business. I always write any business idea that comes to mind and couldn’t believe that the various ideas have something in common.
I have always desired to sell off any business I start to someone and start something different. Starting a business is perceived by many as tough and very stressful. Others also say, starting is not that tough but growing a business is where the pain lies. Despite all these, I have always loved to start something new. My kind of business is the Business of Starting businesses.

I am working very hard on a business idea and hope to grow it to a point where I can sell it at a good value. How good is this? Am I trying to be Jack of all trades and master of none? Whatever it may be, I love it, and hope I achieve my ultimate goal in life from it. (Living a day at a time for a world free of poverty and evil).


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