My Diary

Today in my Diary

05:35 GMT:- Good morning Diary, I have prayed for a successful day. I need the divine mercy on this special day. I would be writing an exam on the Ghana Stock Exchange Securities Course. I have prepared well, done my part and hoping God would do the rest.
06:15 GMT:- At this time, I have to iron my dad’s shirt and trousers. I could have done this yesterday to have a free morning. Anyway, am off. I would be back in a jiffy .
08:30 GMT:- Hi diary, they are gone to work. Now, I can go through something before the paper at 14:00GMT. I have extensively covered the topics like; Economic(introduction), Quantitative Methods, Understanding Financial Statements, Financial markets and Corporate Finance (Introduction). For the rest of the topics/chapters especially Introduction to Derivatives, and Regulation of Securities Market, i have to review them again. ‘Share Valuation Models’ – chapter 6, is what I have to review thoroughly. I can remember the various ways or models to calculate the theoretical value of a share; they are, Dividend valuation model, Earnings Valuation models and Asset Valuation model. This models are good ways to value a share but are based on so many assumptions and have limitations. Time to go through them and get ready for this exams. Hope to take my bath after reviewing this topic…. bye for now.
10:40GMT:- Am back. I can’t believe it’s 40 minutes passed 10. wheeeew!!!! The Time is moving faster today. Eeeeii!!! Aden?? No shake! I ‘m more than ready for this exam.
I have reviewed the Share Valuation Models and would now read through Forwards, Future Contracts, and Options( Derivatives ). I must admit, this is my best topic when Fundamental of Finance and Financial Markets is concerned. i love derivatives. Very easy to understand. A great investment instrument. What surprises me is that Option writers for instance a Call writer still negotiate the contract although their maximum loss is unlimited and their maximum gain is just the premium. Interesting. Stopping here. I have to prepare.

12:11GMT:– Oh No! the bus (trotro) is taking too long to ‘load’. I have a long way to go. I am currently in a Labadi bus. I have to alight in front of the Trade fair Centre and pick a taxi to Zenith College. I would be writing the exam at the ACES examination Centre. I don’t even know there. Delaying, is the last thing I want now even though the paper would start 14:00GMT. Now looking into my book and hoping Angels fill the bus for it to ‘take off’.

13:39GMT:- Somehow, Angels joined the bus and am currently in front of the Trade fair Centre. I learnt Zenith College is a walking distance from the centre but time is against me so I’ll pick a taxi.

-Writing in the cab- A cute lady helped me with the direction to the taxi rank earlier, now she’s sitting by me, obviously going to the same place. **Thinking of paying for double to return the favour.** (After some few minutes)……. ”Wow, she dey flex me.” She declined and   told the driver she’ll pay herself. I insisted though.

13:48GMT:- I am writing for the last before the exam. I’m at the ACES exam centre seated on desk 13. The invigilators are looking at me with the side of their eyes and probably wondering  What I’m writing in my diary. It’s just a passion, somebody should tell them. I love writing. Ok!! bye for now. Good Luck!! to myself.

15:33GMT:- This time is exactly 3 minutes after they said stop work. Remarks?? Ok, I’ll say the paper was great. Not tough as I expected it. I hope the next four exams also favour me. Am off to pick a taxi to 37 station, then from there I’ll pick ‘Circle’ bus. My neck and shoulder hurt. (courtesy: the exam desk. **too bad**)

19:24GMT:- Sitting in the couch and updating this blog. I hope to sleep immediately after this even though my ‘hood’ is noisy (so called wake-keeping on our street). Sorry for the mistakes in typing if there are any. Good night, Diary.


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