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Overview of the First Half of 2012 on the Ghana Stock Exchange: Half Year Review.

With a market capitalization of about GHS 55,015.14 million ( USD 31,612.04 million ), the Ghana Stock Exchange closed the first half of the year on a good note and has began the second half with great prospects.
The market’s major index which includes all listed stocks, The GSE Composite Index (GSE CI) opened the year below the base index (1000) with 969.03 points. As at the last trading session in the first half, the GSE CI recorded 1045.48 point with a percentage change of 7.89% as compared to 18.89% gain in the same period last year.
Unlike the GSE Composite Index, the GSE Financial Stocks Index (GSE FSI) opened at 863.09 and still closed below the base index at 899.86 pts.
In the first half, there was no Initial Public Offer (IPO), right issue, bonus issue or de-listings. As at 30 June 2012, the exchange can only boast of one company with preference shares (SCB PREF), one company with depository (AADS). After several trading sessions, Ghana Oil Co. Ltd (GOIL) topped the gainers. Click to watch the Price Movement of the BestPerforming Stock on GSE: GOIL. Meanwhile, the top laggard was Aluwork s Ltd (ALW). The total trades (deals) for the six months accumulated to 11,765 with trade volume amounting to 72.54 million. Read the rest of this post >>>>>


One thought on “Overview of the First Half of 2012 on the Ghana Stock Exchange: Half Year Review.

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