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Book Review: How to Lead, by Jo Owen.

As a result of my one-book-a-month goal, I just bought this book, ‘How to lead’ by Jo Owen at the Silverbird lifestyle shop. Join me in the next few days to read or study this book thoroughly. I’ll be making blog posts from time to time, chapter by chapter, page by page and help you share in the wisdom of the writer.


The first lesson in this book is

that, you don’t have to be perfect to be a leader. There’s difference between an effective leader and a perfect leader. Effectiveness is what this book seek to teach.


2 thoughts on “Book Review: How to Lead, by Jo Owen.

    1. It’s not necessary, so far as you read a book, ibook or k-book or droid-book, it’s cool. Reading is good you, you know. I love reading hard copy books because among other things, it makes me enjoy reading and dedicated. I read “Managing Up” by Roxanne…. on an iPad and can’t vividly remember some stuffs in the book.


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