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PAY IT FORWARD, your chance to change the world. It is possible.



‘The realms of possibilities exist in each of us, in our minds’. To ‘pay it forward’ is very hard for people to do. I don’t know how long this concept or movement has existed but I think since I watched the movie “PAT IT FORWARD”, my perspective about giving and the world changed and that makes me more hopeful. The great task in the movie was to “Think of an idea to change our world and put it into action.” Have you ever thought of something like that? Do you doubt its ability to change the world? For me I have thought of great things and have doubt some of them. One easy thing to consider is to adopt the ‘Pay It Forward’ philosophy and put it into action. Join me on this journey.

In the movie, Trevor started ‘Pay It Forward’ by helping Jerry with food. You can do more than that to change someone’s life. Someone gave out a jaguar to someone else by paying it forward for a good deed done to him by another. By getting something from someone makes you automatically obligated to Pay It Forward – giving or helping someone with something big, something he or she cannot do for himself or herself. I think it’s a perfect way to start changing the world in order to get a perfect world. It requires an extreme act of faith in the goodness of people.


It is something hard to do and I personally think people would not pay it forward and would blow up the whole idea. But as long as it continues, many people would feel obligated and some would pay it forward. It’s worth trying. Be brave to Pay It Forward even it requires giving up your life or putting it in danger. Don’t be scared, it’s your biggest chance to fix something or someone. People can be fixed. Start today. The Good Lord would walk you through it.

4 thoughts on “PAY IT FORWARD, your chance to change the world. It is possible.

  1. Hey Peagama,

    Yeah, paying it forward really does work, we just need to start doing it a lot more. I agree that this is a very good solution because it is something that benefits everyone involved; if you do something for someone, they will feel loved, recognized, seen and remembered for who they are and we will be very happy to be giving that gift for their benefit. It’s a perfect plan.

    Then also, we could take paying it forward further one more level; to be a gift for people in our daily lives, like the real nitty gritty stuff; if we get up grumpy and ignore our mate and be a total jerk as we brush our teeth, and then do one act of paying it forward later in the day for a stranger, how would we look back on that day and feel about ourselves? Sure, we paid it forward, but what about those dozens of interactions with those close to us during the day?

    If we would be a gift to people by paying attention to our friends, considering the people in our lives, they would feel seen, recognized and remembered, and knew that we were there for them and that it wasn’t just one thing that was good and that was it. We could form pay it forward teams that keep paying it forward together!

    So, I think paying it forward can help this world a lot. But real healing and happiness can only be found when we can be good and loving and constant with each other, with those who are in our lives every day. Otherwise, everyone could occasionally do an act of kindness, but there still wouldn’t be strong and satisfying relationships for the heart to live in—and Lord knows, we need that. Anyone who says they don’t is a liar.


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