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Four types of behaviour style. by Mike Gandolfi: (Trained on this Today)

behaviour_change_final_logoThe most effective people are those who understand themselves; their strengths and weaknesses.

Four types of behaviour style.

  1. The Driver: (extrovert): Someone who is an extrovert and task oriented. He focuses on getting things done. e.g. Donald Trump. This kind of person is result driven, result oriented, result focused. Your behaviour style would either help you connect with people or just put people off. People who are Drivers are always drivers. ( You are who you are.) Drivers tend to be efficient. They get things done quick. Some qualities and values;.
    1. Impatient, Irritability, Very impatient, They are the right-now kind of people.
    2. When Communicating to a driver: – Be direct, Straight to the point. Send a short email, direct and bulleted. No long emails.
    3. Drivers like to be risk takers, They can be too risky and even mess things.
    4. They are bored easily.
    5. A driver is a quick decision makers.
    6. Don’t over-sell to a driver.
    7. Drivers want to challenge the status quo.
    8. They are Poor listeners and Argumentative,
    9. Stress reliever for a driver: – Exercise.
    10. Talking to a driver – Stick to the point, be direct, tell them what happened, No stories. Drivers want to answer the “What” questions.
  1. Expresser: (Extroverts) ( Sociable, Convincing, Understanding, Jovial, Talkative, ) They love people, they can’t keep their hands off people. They influence people, very respectful, very out going. They like energizing others. Good for front desk.  Low attention to details. Have a hard time containing emotions. They share stories so give them the time to share stories.  Give them the opportunity to express themselves. They want to be involved in everything.  More qualities;
    1. Talking to the Expresser:- Talk  smoothly.
    2. Values: Enthusiasm, Inspire Others, Influencers, Motivate people.
    3. Their enthusiasm is contagious. People like being
    4. They can be too trusting.
    5. They may oversell other.
    6. They do not pay attention to details.
    7. They don’t listen well. (They just don’t.)
    8. Stress relievers for Expressers:- Get interactive with others. Get around with others. Party.
    9. Talking to them: Talk about testimonies and things that interest them.
  1. Amiable:(Introverts) : Team player, Loyal, friendly, Cooperative, Prefer being behind the scene, they are good listen, they avoid change, they don’t like new things, they just need a safe environment to work, they don’t like to be innovative, they are just okay with the old stuff. e’g. Ghandi.
  1. They do not show emotions, they are introverts. They are emotional people but do not show emotion. You won’t no if they have won a lottery or going through a divorce.
  2. They are satisfied with the basics.
  3. They need to be liked. They have the inherent need to help others.
  4. They are nicer when they are doctors.
  5. They cool and relaxed. Not easily triggered. They are very loyal.
  6. They would spend a life time on your team. They are friendly and not pushy.
  7. They tend to listen before talking.
  8. They work very hard for a leader with the good cause.
  9. They are patient.
  10. They take criticism really hard.
  11. They are the opposites of a driver.
  12. They are afraid to take risk.
  13. They wait for orders before starting, they internalise information.
  14. They read all kinds of things into what you say
  15. Communication with them: start with personal comments, present your case logically, and smoothly. They wants to know “how”. Look precise and go into details.
  16. Crete an environment that are suitable for them to talk. They need time.
  1. Analytical (Introvert): Perfectionist: High standard,. Patient, Focus on details, They plan ahead. They wants to know of the information. They need to be proven. They are sceptical. They need stability and order.
    1. They have the need for information. They have a drive for proof and stats.
    2. They think slowly before responding.
    3. They have Need for stable orderly life
    4. They are conscientious
    5. They are very detailed oriented.
    6. Weakness: they over analyze, they don’t verbalise feelings, they like to be around people like themselves, they are not very good at motivating others.
    7. Communication with such people: slow down, prepare yourself, they need their space, don’t touch them. Prove things to them with data, facts, Be specific. They Build credibility to data, statistics, and facts.

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