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The Wisdom of Abandonment

Wise men and women are great-souled individuals who begrudge nothing to God. They’re not looking for the quickest Mass to fulfill their Sunday obligation. Rather, they consider it a privilege to worship the Lord as long as possible. Wise men and women don’t ask if they have to go to Confession annually, but they rejoice in celebrating frequently the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Wise men and women consider it a privilege to share their faith in Jesus, especially in situations where they may be persecuted (see Acts 5:41; 13:52). Wisdom is not doing the minimum but always searching for new opportunities to abandon ourselves to the love and will of God. Wise men and women transcend their natural inclinations to selfishness, laziness, and fear. They live supernaturally — by grace and by faith.

The Lord wants to make you a wise man or woman. Are you willing to become wise, to follow the star, to give all to Jesus?


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