My Diary

7 days journey of cleansing- Living on fruits and water

The objective of my seven day journey of no food and just water and fruits is to cleanse my body of all toxins, to clear my mind of all bad and negative thoughts and to cleanse my soul through meditation and prayer.
This is the initial stage to my new wellness mentality.
On the first day of this journey,  I lived on Bananas and Pineapple.  When I got to work on Monday the 10th,  I decided to take some fruits for breakfast and picked the wrong fruit – pineapple.  Or let me say,  Eating the right fruit at the wrong time. As advised by my coach,  Mavis Manns,  eating pineapple is bad for this journey because it is acidic and drains you faster. Unknowingly, I ate that in the morning and then the day started. During lunch I ate banana and kept drinking water along side the fruits.  By 4pm, my head started aching so hard and I couldn’t think straight.   It ached till I got home at 8pm and then I slept. In short, Day 1 was not easy, I’ve learnt my lessons and hope to see what day 2 goes like.


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