My Diary

Day 2 – Living on Mangos and Bananas

Today the 3rd day of my cleansing process and as I sit at the back of the car, holding my a bottle of water in my hands and head to work at 5:30 am, I want to shortly recap my Day 2 of the journey. 
Lessons from Day one made be start my Day 2 with a bottle of water and Mango. Later when I got to work,  I took some bananas and then work began.
Unlike Day one when I felt severe headache in the late afternoon,  Day 2 was ironically far better and I guess my body was getting used to it.
As usual,  my coach Mavis Manns was there to check on me. She advised I put lime (although acidic) in my water so that it could wash down the toxins or waste. Others advised I watch my fruits intake because too much of the same fruits could create more waste in my body.
So with all that in mind, I’m living on Watermelons, bananas,  Coconut,  mangos and pawpaw today (Day 3).


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