General Issues


1. A girl that asks you for money all the time is called Ghana Commercial Bank

2. A girl that calls you for food always is called Agricultural Development Bank.

3. A girl that uses your money to take care of other family members is called National
Investment Bank.

4. A girl that prefer to have sex after marriage is Social Security Bank.

5. A girl that is very faithful to you is Fidelity Bank

6. A girl that gives it to every available man is Access Bank

7. A girl that dates men from different countries is Intercontinental Bank

8. A girl that is too small for sex is called Micro Finance

9. A girl that just broke her Virginity with a man is called First National Bank

10. A girl that has the ability to syphon all your cash is called Energy Bank.

11. A girl that makes you feel very accepted and loved is called Royal Bank

Now ladies, which bank are you???🙊

Men, which of the banks do you save at??


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