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Back to the Stone Age. God is all we’ve got, guys.

stone_age_2 On Friday, 10th October, 2014, I left my workplace around 6:25 pm moving to pick a bus to Nkrumah circle when I got robbed at gun point. Yes! GUN… at least as far as I remember, what I saw held on me was a gun.

Around 6:30pm, I noticed two guys on a motorbike were riding by me and when we got to a  slightly darker area (at Acheampong junction, East legon), one got down and put a gun on me despite the fact that people were around. At this point, I totally surrendered to my impulses, that got my legs working faster than usual to I run away. The robber held my backpack and I had no option than to let go of it. He then jumped on to the motorbike and sped off. Everything happened so fast.

The robbers made away with my laptop that has all my valuable documents (my backups are on my pendrive that was taken too), my wallet with includes my 3 visa cards, 1 mastercard, and an amount of Ghc 300. They also took away, my company incorporation certificates and business certificates, my Univ. of Ghana certificates, my biometric passport, a blackberry phone with charger, a Glo modem, a vodafone mifi, my ID cards, one 32GB pendrive, one 16GB pendrive & an 8 GB pen drive which had all my backups. Hmmm, they really pushed me back to the stone age. 🙂 stone age

I don’t even have time to feel bad about this robbery cos my heart is full of Joy and Happiness.

Some lessons:

1. Be more aware of my surroundings. Live in the NOW. Present time conscious.

2. Back up all my documents online.

3. Carry less stuffs with me.

4. Get some martial art skills. 🙂 if only that could’ve helped.

I am grateful to God for protecting me and saving me for a more horrific situation.

Back to the Stone Age. Now let’s start afresh.


One thought on “Back to the Stone Age. God is all we’ve got, guys.

  1. Sorry for your loss, suggestion no. 4 could however leave you worse off. Backing up your documents online is the surest way to go now. Been a victim before but not to the depths to which you went. All the best


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