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Do you note?

Note-4-s-pen-2Do you note at all? There are undoubtedly so many things in your life that can be noted. It could be about you, or your business, your work, someone’s life that inspires you, your successes, and your experiences about anything at all in your life.

One of my favorite quotes goes like this “If life is worth living, then it is worth journaling”. Life, they say is short and it will be beautiful if you can capture every moment, special or not in your books, better still on your Galaxy Note. I like to keep my diary online so I don’t lose the information easily. And moreover, it prevents the situation where friends and family members can get access to it.

This week I was reading about the life of Bill Clinton in his own words. He notes day by day. Do you note?

Marcus Allen wrote his auto-biography and made money selling it. He notes, do you note?

Many people do, and even make a lot of money from. Do you note?

Your story alone, no matter how bad it is or how good it is, can inspire the next generation. So, Do you note?


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