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To those of you who forget


Last week I read a book by Dag Heward-Mills titled, ‘REMEMBRANCE’ and was dedicated to those of us who forget. I must say that I was really glad at the depth of knowledge and wisdom this reverend minister has impacted on me.  We turn to forget our past, we turn to forget who we are and who we were, we forget everything that we get hit so badly by life and all we have to do to get out of some hard and unpleasant situations is to remember. I’ll like to share some lessons from this book with you.

Chapter 1-
Lesson 1- To forget, to fail to acknowledge,  to fail to remember are sins before God.
Lesson 2 – A person who is controlled by the word of God and the spirit of God does not forget certain things.
Lesson 3– Begin to take remembrance very serious.

Chapter 2

Lesson 1- Remembrance makes you walk in your calling.
Lesson 2- Remembrance keeps you humble.
Lesson 3- Remembrance makes you a grateful person.

Chapter 3.

Lesson 1- Pride goeth before destruction and an haughty spirit before a fall. – Proverbs 16:18.
Lesson 2 – People who forget are murmurers.
Lesson 3 — People who forget repeat mistakes.

Chapter 4

Lesson 1– People who forget become disobedient.
Lesson 2– people who forget become proud.
Lesson 3– people who forget become rebellious.

Chapter 5.

Lesson 1– You must fight the natural tendency to forget important things.
Lesson 2 — Do not let your successes destroy your memory.
Lesson 3– Recognise the hand of God in  everything that happens.

Chapter 6

Lesson 1 – People who remember are able to overcome fears.
Lesson 2- Righteous people remember their low points and how they came out of them.
Lesson 3- Righteous people remember the poor and the prisoners.

Chapter 7

Lesson 1– Remembrance makes people grateful.
Lesson 2- Remembrance causes you to be a doer of the word.

Chapter 8

Lesson 1–  You must not forget your inspirer.
Lesson 2 — You must not forget your father.

Chapter 9

Lesson 1– You must make memorials from special feasts in order not to forget.


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