General Issues


1. Ghana Coach, Avram Grant’s Blue Lacoste T’ Shirt to be declared NATIONAL FRIDAY WEAR IF GHANA WINS THIS YEAR #AFCON2015.

2. If Avram Grant wins the #AFCON2015 tournament with that blue Lacoste T shirt, we have to buy one for Mahama.

3. When you look at the left hand top corner of your TV, GHA vrs EQG was looking like “GHA vrs ECG”

4. During the riot at the stadium in Equatorial Guinea, A helicopter was flying all over the pitch and when John Boye saw it, he kept asking Jonathan Mensah,  “Cha dollars no aba biem anaa?”
Jonathan Mensah responded: Wotiriso no aba biem!

5. CAF made a mistake paaaa yesterday, They should have used the helicopter to go and bring 10 EBOLA PATIENTS from Liberia and shout Ebooooola then dropped them among the violent supporters. It could have simply stopped their nonsense behaviour at the stadium yesterday!!

6. I won’t eat Guinea fowl again… I now know anything Guinea is not correct ……Mtchewww!!!

7. I wish they will be on the field forever. I don’t want President Mahama and his ECG people take the light away!!!

8. During the delay at the stadium; ECG workers were like : This referee should make a quick decision bcos this is making our ECG boss very angry bos he is waiting anxiously to take his lights.

The borrowed 80MW is finishing  oooooo.

9. If this is how Equatorial Guinea react to losing a football match then imagine what they will do if Mahama was their president.

10. Referee more delay, we are enjoying our light small today.

Just for laughs!!!👍😄😄😂


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