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Life Lessons from the African Cup of Nations 2015

These are the results from the AFCON 2015;
‬Champions – Ivory Coast

Goal King – Andre Dede Ayew

Man of the tournament-  Christian Atsu

Fair play –  Kwesi Appiah

Man of the match –  Afriyie Acquah

Goal of the tournament- Christian Atsu

Ghana won all the awards ..but ..missed the trophy.

So it is in life, you can have everything in life n miss the most important thing which is heaven. You can have all the money, fame, degree, friends, beautiful wife, good children, and all the best things in the world and still miss the mark of the high calling in Christ Jesus. Most of us saw how the ghanaiains were crying and agonizing, it will be more painful than that should you miss heaven. Cos with that, there is no second chance and the only thing left with you is hell. NO DOUBT. THINK TWICE AND MAKE THE RIGHT DECISION NOW, IS NEVER TO LATE. IS ONLY THE DEAD WHO HAS NO HOPE BUT U ARE ALIVE N READING THIS MESSAGE, MAKE GOOD USE OF YOUR BEING ALIVE THIS MORNING COS TOMORROW IS NEVER ASSURED FOR YOU.
Rise to perfection.
No fears, no limitations . Have a blissful  day. 


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