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The Secret of Faithfulness: 6 solid ways to be Immoral-Proof in your relationships

Immorality-WDGSAAs today being Vals day, I think it would be right to share with you some great lessons from the second part of How to Influence Your Relationship with Habits and Happiness.

Today’s church service at IGCG – Mataheko Community Chapel was so great hence my desire to share with you some notes I took during the sermon by Pastor Kweku Ewusie-Mensah.

We all can attest to the fact that immorality has been creeping  into our life and becoming a nuisance to most relationships. Below are Six(6) Solid ways to be Immoral-Proof in your relationships and in life as a whole.

1. Make a commitment to God’s standards.
a. Publicly confirm to your spouse / fiancee.
b. Publicly affirm it to everyone else.
Meaning you agree with what God says about sex. God invented sex for marriage. That is one thing you should know.
Prov. 5:15 – says “Be faithful to your own wife and give your love to her alone.”

2. Magnify the consequences.
Pr. 6:32 – says…..Who ever commits an adultery is a fool for he destroys his own soul.
Pr. 6:26 – says. …..Adultery will cost a man all he has.
People sell their lives for a single moment of pleasure. Know that it is wrong. It is not a suggestion, It is a COMMAND from God.
Regardless of how severe your marriage problems are, the cost of saving that marriage is less than the cost of adultery. Know that.

3. Maintain my marriage.
1Cor. 7:3 — Man should fulfill his duty as a husband.

5 needs of men:
–Sexual fulfillment
–Recreational companionship.
–Attractive spouse
–Domestic support
5 needs of Women:
-Honesty and openness
-Financial support
-Family commitments

Upgrade your marriage from Spouse level to Best friends level.
It’s very easy to ignore your spouse but very difficult to ignore your best friend.
Husbands, spend quality time with your wife.

4. Manage your mind.
People don’t just fall into immortality. It’s a process. Series of events happen. Train your mind to notice the signs and run away from them. Below are some patterns / steps that lead to immorality.

Patterns to Note
– It starts by accepting sinful thoughts into your mind.
-Emotional, non-physical involvement.
-Physical involvement.
-Rationalizing the affair.

Close your heart to every kind of love apart from that from your wife. Oh Yes. Your wife or husband only.
Turn your back on lustful desires and give your positive attention to goodness, integrity, love and peace.- 2Tim. 2:22

5. Maintain Proper relationship with people.

How ?
-Don’t listen to a member of the opposite sex complaining to you about their spouse.  Refer him or her to another person immediately.
-Be aware of the sense of ‘electricity’ between you and another person. The chemistry here needs to be checked before it turns into Biology practicals and then bring problems which would lead your relationship into the grave, Archaeology.

6. Minimize the opportunity.
Note that Bad company corrupts good character.

How to :
-Recognize the kind of situations that tempt you.
-Put measures around to guard you.
-Choose your friends Carefully.


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