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Are you feeling Beta or Malta: Accra Brewery Ltd vrs Guinness Ghana Brewery Ltd


Until today,  I didn’t know Beta Malt was a product from Accra Brewery Limited (ABL). Most of us drink alot of things without even thinking of who produces it.  I hope to write more on Made in Ghana stuffs.
Now let me say,  I’m really disappointed in the current taste of the so called new Malta Guinness.  Beta malt and other substitutes like Kasapreko’s Royal Malt are gradually taking the market share from Malta Guinness. 
Some months ago when you request to buy MALT,  every seller knows it’s just one Malt you looking for…. Malta Guinness.  But now when you say that,  they ask you,  “Which one”…. and even sometimes you’re served with Beta Malt. 
For me,  I am feeling really Beta.



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