General Issues

15 Lessons from the book “He that Hath….” by Bishop Dag

1. He that has physical things like money cars and spiritual things shall even get more of those.
2. Those who have continue to practise the principles of increase hence they get more.
3. To succeed and move from not having to having, you must identify the causes of inequality that exist. Find the little difference that make the big difference.
4. Know that, there’s no quick fix for moving from Poverty to Riches.
5. He tha has will get  more because of positive traits.
6. One positive traits is diligence- persistent and relentless effort by an individual to solve a problem, to overcome difficulties and to accomplish great things.
7. Diligence makes you a fruitful leader.
8. You need to have Faith in order to be rich. Faith – Is the firm belief of something for which there’s no truth.
9. You need to have these virtues to be about to overcome Poverty. –Prudence, Justice, Temperance, Fortitude, Faith Hope and Love.
10. Being Knowledgeable helps you to be rich.
11. Temperance is key to becoming rich. It is the trait of avoiding and living in moderation.
12. Negative traits lead to intractable Poverty
13. Education level can lead to poverty as well.
14. He that has recognises that blessed person have been sent into his life.
15. Creativity makes you into a successful person.


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