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Good is an Enemy of Great: Choose Kaizen


I just joined a taxi moving from Accra Mall to Dawenya and want to share with you how my first day at work in 2017 went.

Before this gracious day, we (me and my colleagues at work) had some hints that this year will be a hot year, full of tough targets to meet. This hint was from my boss. Let me call him Mr. P.

In a year where you achieved all your financial targets and even quadrupled it. Yes quadruple, I mean. You wonder how can it be better and what else can you do or how high can the targets be for this new year.  In 2016, I and my team have  championed our styles, exerted the necessary presure, wrestled the game and beat the game through the able leadership of Mr. P.  The question then is, how much more can we do in 2017? how far can we go in 2017? 

Good is the Enemy of Great.

Today, I felt the true meaning of these quote after a meeting with Mr. P and his colleague Mr. G.
I noticed that every achievement or strive in 2016 is just a lower version or lower stage / level of what I have to achieve or can achieve in 2017.
The moment you think you have arrived, is the moment you should know that you are declining.
Keep progressing. Keep growing in all areas of your life. It’s called, Kaizen.- Constant improvement.
That is my attitude towards life this new year. Growing in all areas at work, school, business, church and in my home. No matter how much you have achieved you can still grow or improve every time. So work on it every time.
My first day ended at work around 8:30pm with me having some sort of zeal to storm into each day, hour or minute of 2017 remaining hopeful with a kaizen mentality ready to 10x in all areas without fear or favour. No delay, No second thoughts, Just Improve.
So help me God.

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