General Issues


I got this joke from one of my whatsapp pages: Enjoy…

Conversation between Paul and Patrick;

Paul: Do u drink beer?
Patrick: Oh yes.
Paul: How many bottles  per day?
Patrick: 5
Paul: When did u start drinking beer?
Patrick: 18yrs back.
Paul: How much is a bottle?
Patrick: K15
Paul: So u spend K75 for beer  per day?
Patrick: Yes.
Paul: If u were saving that K75 per day X 30 days X 12 months X18 years=K486000 of which u could be driving your own Ferrari right now.

Patrick: May i also ask u a question?
Paul: Go ahead.
Patrick: Do u drink beer?
Paul: No.
Patrick: So where is your Ferrari???

Moral lessons; Mind your own business.😂😂😂😂

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