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The story of 4 wives #EasterMoments

This is a story from Good Friday’s sermon. A rich man had four wives and on his death bed, he asked the fourth wife – which he loves most and spends money on most of the time, to join him to death since he is afraid to be lonely in the next life.

She said, “I love you, but I can’t die with you or join you to the other side. I will remain here on Earth and look after your properties.

He then turned to the 3rd wife and requested the same thing. “Die with me” – Rich man.

The 3rd wife said “No. I cannot go with you. I will have to remarry and continue my life.”

Then the 2nd wife came in, “I will make sure you have the best and most expensive funeral service. And also make sure you are remembered forever but cannot join you.”

He then called in the 1st wife who he hardly respect and always neglect.

With the said request, the 1st wife said “Yes, I will die with you and be by your side forever.” The man was surprised and ashamed since to never imagined that could happen.

Like this rich man, we all have four wives.

The 4th wife represent Our Bodies. We spend so much on them, polish and groom them, dress them every day but they are the first to leave us when we die.
The 3rd wife in our lives is Our Possessions and Belongings. They will remarry when we are no more. Other people will come for them or even the state will take them. They cannot go with us.
The 2nd wife represent our families and friends. No matter how they love us. They can’t follow us to the next life. They can give us the best funerals and peaceful burials but that’s all they can do.
The 1st wife in this case is our Soul. We neglect our souls throughout our lives but at the end, that’s all we have left.

Do not be like the rich man. Work on your soul.

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