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The Johari Window Model: Journey to Self Awareness.

I discovered the power of self awareness when I first heard my former boss, Dr. Marcus talk about his experience with the word AWARENESS. ‘The lack of it in your life determines how you live your life in all aspects.’ he said.

Since then I always give time to anything that will aid me increase my Awareness level. Anything, like learning, reading books, traveling (which I’m yet to start), meeting new people, being open to new ways, and so forth.

Today, whiles watching ‘Being Mary Jane’ I rekindled my love for Awareness, in this case ‘Self Awareness’ when I learnt about The Johari Window Model. This model, I understand, is a technique that helps you understand your relationship with first of all yourself and then others. This means a big deal to me.

The impact of my relationships with my family, friends and colleagues/bosses on my life means alot to me. In fact, that’s all that matters these days. I must admit, I have a long way to go with mastering these relationships but first I’ll begin with Self Awareness. Ask & Tell…. Ask for feedback and then remain open as much as possible to begin with.

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