Interesting the red devil met the right match. CHE vs MUN. #lolpeagama


KNUST JOKE OF THE DAY. #lolpeagama

Eighteen (18) Ghanaian KNUST Professors were told to sit in an airplane. When they were all seated and the plane was about to take off, they were told the plane was made by their own students. They quickly run out of the plane leaving only one professor who was sitting confidently. When he was asked why he is still sitting, he said. “if the plane was made by our own students, trust me it won’t even start.” 😅😅😆😆😆:mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:



A Baker was asked to print 1st John 4:18 on a wedding cake and he forgot the “1st” and printed John 4:18.

1st John 4:18 reads “There is no fear in love.  But perfect love cast out fear, because fear has torment. He that fears is not made perfect in love.”

John 4:18 reads “For you have had five husbands; and he whom you now have is not your husband.”

Stay blessed and remember that small mistakes are not always that small.

The True Reflection of Self


Over the years, I’ve moved from “Unconscious Incompetence”  to what is less desirable and uncomfortable to many people,  “Conscious Incompetence”- that is accepting the painful reality that, ‘You Don’t Know.’ Most people prefer to remain on the wrong path,  others do not know and hate to know that they do not know. Their Egos are too big that they don’t mind smacking the mirror for showing them who they really are. I was there and I know how it feels. Now my goal is to graduate to become “Consciously Competent” so that one day, I can achieve my ultimate goal that’s to be “Unconsciously Competent.” – another place mostly reached by the top 1% among us.

My spirit is willing but the body is weak

I miss blogging.  Nowadays I just can’t make time and write. And when I make time, I just can’t focus. My spirit is willing but the body is weak, destructed, and sometimes lazy. The month of March seem so good so far but I don’t like the fact that I missed two karate lessons, one swimming training and three workout @ the gym sessions. 
So now I ask, what do I do? What do I do to get myself back on the road? I think I need more energy but I’ve lost appetite for what will give me energy. I think I need more rest but I just can’t stand the fact that I have to rest whiles I have a lot to do. I think I need inspiration but very little inspire me lately. I think I just need to let go and let God control everything.  What do you think? ……Ooops I just made a blog post. :)☺:)

Life Lessons from the African Cup of Nations 2015

These are the results from the AFCON 2015;
‬Champions – Ivory Coast

Goal King – Andre Dede Ayew

Man of the tournament-  Christian Atsu

Fair play –  Kwesi Appiah

Man of the match –  Afriyie Acquah

Goal of the tournament- Christian Atsu

Ghana won all the awards ..but ..missed the trophy.

So it is in life, you can have everything in life n miss the most important thing which is heaven. You can have all the money, fame, degree, friends, beautiful wife, good children, and all the best things in the world and still miss the mark of the high calling in Christ Jesus. Most of us saw how the ghanaiains were crying and agonizing, it will be more painful than that should you miss heaven. Cos with that, there is no second chance and the only thing left with you is hell. NO DOUBT. THINK TWICE AND MAKE THE RIGHT DECISION NOW, IS NEVER TO LATE. IS ONLY THE DEAD WHO HAS NO HOPE BUT U ARE ALIVE N READING THIS MESSAGE, MAKE GOOD USE OF YOUR BEING ALIVE THIS MORNING COS TOMORROW IS NEVER ASSURED FOR YOU.
Rise to perfection.
No fears, no limitations . Have a blissful  day. 


1. Ghana Coach, Avram Grant’s Blue Lacoste T’ Shirt to be declared NATIONAL FRIDAY WEAR IF GHANA WINS THIS YEAR #AFCON2015.

2. If Avram Grant wins the #AFCON2015 tournament with that blue Lacoste T shirt, we have to buy one for Mahama.

3. When you look at the left hand top corner of your TV, GHA vrs EQG was looking like “GHA vrs ECG”

4. During the riot at the stadium in Equatorial Guinea, A helicopter was flying all over the pitch and when John Boye saw it, he kept asking Jonathan Mensah,  “Cha dollars no aba biem anaa?”
Jonathan Mensah responded: Wotiriso no aba biem!

5. CAF made a mistake paaaa yesterday, They should have used the helicopter to go and bring 10 EBOLA PATIENTS from Liberia and shout Ebooooola then dropped them among the violent supporters. It could have simply stopped their nonsense behaviour at the stadium yesterday!!

6. I won’t eat Guinea fowl again… I now know anything Guinea is not correct ……Mtchewww!!!

7. I wish they will be on the field forever. I don’t want President Mahama and his ECG people take the light away!!!

8. During the delay at the stadium; ECG workers were like : This referee should make a quick decision bcos this is making our ECG boss very angry bos he is waiting anxiously to take his lights.

The borrowed 80MW is finishing  oooooo.

9. If this is how Equatorial Guinea react to losing a football match then imagine what they will do if Mahama was their president.

10. Referee more delay, we are enjoying our light small today.

Just for laughs!!!👍😄😄😂

How to humble yourself; Formula for Humility


  1.        Live in a way that God considers to be humble.
  2.        Humble yourself because God resists proud people.
  3.        Humble yourself because God gives grace to humble people.
  4.        Pride signals a coming destruction or catastrophe hence be humble.
  5.        Formula for Humility = Being a child or a servant.
  6.        When You are humble like a child, you quickly forgive and forget.
  7.        When people lose humility, they no long forgive or forget.
  8.        Only by pride cometh contention. Proverbs 13:10.
  9.        Without humility you cannot enter the kingdom’s blessing of permanent love and marriage.
  10.    When you are humble like a child, you sit quietly and listen to instructions.
  11.    When you are humble like a child, you allow yourself to be led.
  12.    When you are humble like a child, you are able to learn new things.
  13.    When you are humble like a child, you do not cover your weaknesses.
  14.    When you are humble like a child, you are trusting and believing.
  15.    When you are humble like a child, you embrace adventure, excitement and new things.
  16.    Humility makes you open and transparent.
  17.    When you are humble like a servant, you are willing to be trained in your work.
  18.    When you  are humble, you do not need to be thanked or acknowledged.
  19.    Avoid Proud speaking:
    1.        Overconfident declarations
    2.       Comments that forget the grace of God
    3.        High sounding statement.
    4.       Abruptly ending conversations.
    5.       Declaration of self-sufficiency.
    6.         Statement that trivialize issues. Don’t trivialize someone’s hurts.
  20.    To fall because of pride is to stumble.

To those of you who forget


Last week I read a book by Dag Heward-Mills titled, ‘REMEMBRANCE’ and was dedicated to those of us who forget. I must say that I was really glad at the depth of knowledge and wisdom this reverend minister has impacted on me.  We turn to forget our past, we turn to forget who we are and who we were, we forget everything that we get hit so badly by life and all we have to do to get out of some hard and unpleasant situations is to remember. I’ll like to share some lessons from this book with you.

Chapter 1-
Lesson 1- To forget, to fail to acknowledge,  to fail to remember are sins before God.
Lesson 2 – A person who is controlled by the word of God and the spirit of God does not forget certain things.
Lesson 3– Begin to take remembrance very serious.

Chapter 2

Lesson 1- Remembrance makes you walk in your calling.
Lesson 2- Remembrance keeps you humble.
Lesson 3- Remembrance makes you a grateful person.

Chapter 3.

Lesson 1- Pride goeth before destruction and an haughty spirit before a fall. – Proverbs 16:18.
Lesson 2 – People who forget are murmurers.
Lesson 3 — People who forget repeat mistakes.

Chapter 4

Lesson 1– People who forget become disobedient.
Lesson 2– people who forget become proud.
Lesson 3– people who forget become rebellious.

Chapter 5.

Lesson 1– You must fight the natural tendency to forget important things.
Lesson 2 — Do not let your successes destroy your memory.
Lesson 3– Recognise the hand of God in  everything that happens.

Chapter 6

Lesson 1 – People who remember are able to overcome fears.
Lesson 2- Righteous people remember their low points and how they came out of them.
Lesson 3- Righteous people remember the poor and the prisoners.

Chapter 7

Lesson 1– Remembrance makes people grateful.
Lesson 2- Remembrance causes you to be a doer of the word.

Chapter 8

Lesson 1–  You must not forget your inspirer.
Lesson 2 — You must not forget your father.

Chapter 9

Lesson 1– You must make memorials from special feasts in order not to forget.

Do you note?

Note-4-s-pen-2Do you note at all? There are undoubtedly so many things in your life that can be noted. It could be about you, or your business, your work, someone’s life that inspires you, your successes, and your experiences about anything at all in your life.

One of my favorite quotes goes like this “If life is worth living, then it is worth journaling”. Life, they say is short and it will be beautiful if you can capture every moment, special or not in your books, better still on your Galaxy Note. I like to keep my diary online so I don’t lose the information easily. And moreover, it prevents the situation where friends and family members can get access to it.

This week I was reading about the life of Bill Clinton in his own words. He notes day by day. Do you note?

Marcus Allen wrote his auto-biography and made money selling it. He notes, do you note?

Many people do, and even make a lot of money from. Do you note?

Your story alone, no matter how bad it is or how good it is, can inspire the next generation. So, Do you note?


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